Jesus amazed his listeners in explaining deep spiritual truths by using common life situation and things around Him to illustrate a point: sheep, goats, coins, candles, salt, cities, sand, grain, wine, water, bread, family relationships, farming, fishing, storms, birth, death and a multitude of other metaphors. Life Lessons from Chess is an attempt to follow His model.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

26. Passion

Key Bible Verses: I hope you realize how much and deeply we care. . . Christ's love has moved me to such extremes. His love has the first and last word in everything we do. Our firm decision is to work from this focused center: One man died for everyone.  (II Corinthians 5:11, 14 – Message Bible)

White's turn. Can you find checkmate?
One of my great joys in life happens when my grandsons come to visit. The first words out of their mouths are not “we’re here” or “hi grandpa.” Invariably it is “want to play a game of chess?” I love their enthusiasm. I love the fact they are making an effort to make a connection with their old grandpa. Passion is important. Even though studies have shown chess improves thinking ability, pattern recognition, decision making, future planning, and a number of other cognitive functions, the fact is, if you do not thoroughly enjoy the game it can be a waste of time. When you have an emotional stake in the game, you work harder, remember more, and come up with better ideas.

Our walk with the Lord is greatly enhanced when we develop a passion for His work. When we love what we are doing. When we do what we can to encourage others to be part of the mission.

My response: Lord, my heart sings of your love for me today. Thank you for choosing me to take part in building your kingdom here on earth and for eternity.

Thought to Apply: Give me a passion to serve you. I want follow on. Give me the power to choose you when all of my feelings are gone. Renew my will for I am determined to walk with you every day. (Randy Bonifield)

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